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Do you have a presentation coming up?

Need one-on-one support?

For only $19.99 you can have a 1-hour live phone / online session with a coach

to help prepare you for your next public talk.  

Whether it is for an upcoming class presentation or something work-related or simply a passion project, our phone coaching service is right at your finger tips to give you the confidence you need to make you feel better prepared for your next presentation. 

BEFORE your 1-hour 
phone / online coaching appointment is booked with us, 
what we ask is that you have your presentation already prepared to share with our coach so we can
serve you better. 
DURING your 1-hour
phone / online coaching appointment with us, you are able share your presentation with Lance and ask any questions or suggestions about your speech and in return we offer you advise, feedback and helpful strategies to enhance the delivery of your public presentation. 
AFTER your 1-hour
phone / ​online coaching appointment with us you have the option of following up by email to tell us about your experience on stage applying the advise. We love to hear success stories.

Thanks! Message sent.


You will be contacted within 24-48 hours of your form submission

to schedule your 1-hour phone / online coaching session. 

Once the date and time is scheduled, an easy payment of $19.99

will be processed before your 1-hour phone / online coaching session. 

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